VitisGen Breeding Team

The VitisGen Breeding Team is responsible for maintaining the mapping populations selected to use in the VitisGen project and to supply the genotyping and phenotyping centers plant material. Data generated from the genotyping and the phenotyping centers will be integrated with feedback from trait economics and consumer surveys. Breeders will use these integrated analyses to select individuals segregating desirable traits from each population. These selections will be planted in vineyards and used in future crosses. Breeders will benefit from these analyses because they can discard plants with undesirable traits before transferring them to the vineyard. This will preserve valued space in their vineyards and reduce production costs.

Marker-assisted selection of a new mapping population

Funding for VitisGen "Accelerating grape cultivar improvement via phenotyping centers and next generation markers" is provided by a Specialty Crop Research Initiative Competitive Grant, Award No. 2011-51181-30635, of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. This site is hosted at Cornell University. Copyright © 2015.